'Breaking Bad' episode 504 - 'Fifty-One': Walt's not especially happy birthday

Before we begin the recap of Sunday's (Aug. 5) "Breaking Bad," let's pause and take a moment to mourn the loss of a key member of the "Breaking Bad" family.RIP, Walt's Pontiac Aztek. It served valiantly for four seasons, getting smashed and bent and damaged in countless ways, and it returns (briefly) at the beginning of "Fifty-One," repaired and ready for action once again. But after the mechanic marvels at how sturdy the car is, Walt offers to sell it to him for $50, then gets himself a sweet new vehicle* to celebrate his 51st birthday.(*So, clearly, the show has some kind of deal with Chrysler to provide vehicles. But you have to wonder if, given how few Azteks actually exist -- only about 108,000 were ever sold -- if the crew just ran out of ones to wreck.)Pics: Television antiheroesAfter that little interlude, the rest of the episode centers around Walt's birthday -- but...



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