Big Brother 14 Week 1 Reset HOH/Nominations - New Game, New Attitude, Same Drama

Even though I made proclamations about being done with Big Brother, something strange happened this weekend during the live feeds that was too good to ignore. However, I'm still irked like hell about this "reset," but not as pissed as Mike Boogie.

So what changed my mind about Big Brother? Simply put, Mike Boogie's reaction to being put back into the game. It was the most unpredictable reaction out of all the coaches and was easily the actual twist of the entire set up. The man didn't want to be there and I don't blame him. But alas, that's the way Big Brother rolls and he has to keep his place in the game to make it to the end. That is if the HGs don't wise up and knock the 4 coaches out immediately. Moving on...


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