Teen Wolf 2.11 Previews: Could it Be The Final Countdown For Someone Tonight?

There are only two episodes of Teen Wolf left this season, but could tonight be the final countdown for someone close to Scott?

Last week, I mentioned just how much a bad ass and threat Gerard was to Scott and the rest of his pack, human and supernatural alike. However, Gerard acquired a new weapon last week by becoming the master to Jackson/the Kanima, which means hell has officially come to Beacon Hills and no one is safe at this point. Especially at a state championship lacrosse game where there is nothing but space and opportunity for Jackson to slice, dice, and hack his way through anything that gets in his way. If Gerard is that ruthless, then Scott better bring his 'A' game to combat this deranged lunatic. Here's a clip of Gerard meaning business as he lists the people he could kill if Scott doesn't comply to his demands. Read More...



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