'Big Brother 14': Janelle may be in serious danger


There was some serious scheming in the "Big Brother 14" house Sunday night (Aug. 5) on the part of Boogie and Frank trying to keep Frank's butt in the house this week. Seriously, the feeds are about to blow up with what is probably coming in Monday's Power of Veto ceremony, so get the three-day free trial (and some popcorn) and join in the fun. So, Boogie and Frank have been working Britney/Shane/Dan/Danielle hard this week to backdoor Janelle, saying no one can trust her and that she's got half of the house on her side. It's not exactly half -- more like just Joe and Ashley (and maybe not Ashley), but that's their argument. Well, the other four have been waffling, but it sounds like they've come around.Boogie and Frank have finally convinced HOH Danielle that Janelle needs to go and the six of them should align. There was a "decisive" meeting (which won't...



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