The Newsroom Recap: Do It for Us, Will!

Will is so much more pleasant when he’s high. Considering how insufferable he’s been the last six weeks, how did we not figure out sooner that all he needed was a pot cookie (and a Vicodin, and another pot cookie)? Sober Will demeans people for any display of intellectual weakness; Stoned Will lauds people for any display of Guitar Hero prowess. Sober Will doesn’t want anyone in his apartment; Stoned Will is so calm he doesn’t notice when the people in his house throw a remote out the window. Sober Will wears $4,000 tuxes; Stoned Will can’t tie a Windsor knot.

So, more pot for Will, and for Jeff Daniels, who channeled Dumb and Dumber to turn in his best performance of the year. Daniels was all jutting lip and sly smile, even when he stood in the background, absorbed in whatever softball-hero fantasy had seized his brain. But when it was go time, Daniels and Will sobered up enough to deliver the news. And so did his colleagues, reveling in the ability to turn rumor into fact, and to turn that fact over to the people. On a plane, in a newsroom, on the air — news is power no matter the audience. Read More...


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