'Big Brother 14': Week 4 Power of Veto ceremony results


The results are in from the "Big Brother 14" Power of Veto ceremony from this week -- and hoo boy, are the live feeds going to be fun this week. Danielle, who won HOH, nominated Wil and Frank and then won the Power of Veto, has used the POV to take Wil off the block and has nominated Janelle in his place. This is coming off the urges of her new Silent Six alliance (Dani/Dan, Britney/Shane and Frank/Boogie). We'll see how long that alliance lasts, but for now, they are gunning for Janelle. Keeping Frank on the block is smart on Danielle's part. If the Janelle plan backfires, at least Frank is leaving. And it'll help keep Boogie in line for at least this week, since he's so scared of losing his Will 2.0.In the wake of the ceremony, Jani confronted Danielle and Danielle started crying. She feels like Janelle's feelings are hurt and that...



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