Falling Skies “Death March” Review

With only 300 miles left to go, the 2nd Mass pressed on towards Charleston, fueled by hope in the faceof fatigue and exhaustion. With most of their time spent on the road, the bulk of tonight’s Falling Skiesepisode, "Death March," was like eavesdropping on a handful of road trip conversations. Some of thoseroad trip conversations were decidedly more engaging than the others.

On the medic bus, Tom, Anne, Lourdes, and Matt were dealing with the same old story of a being able to trust or not trust a harnessed child. Jenny, the harnessed child that was hit by the convoy, was farther along in her Skitter transformation than the other harnessed kids we had seen, but the drama surrounding her was just another variation of the same story that we’ve seen on Falling Skies many times before.

As usual, the adults mumbled about whether or not they could afford to trust the harnessed kid before deciding to keep her under a useless guard who would not be around when she escaped and put the 2nd Mass in danger. Of course, the harnessed child would have time to learn plenty of information about the 2nd Mass’ operations before escaping. This time it was Matt’s turn to unintentionally leak the 2nd Mass’ movements to a potential Occupation spy. Read More...



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