'Bachelor Pad': Hot Sludge Fun Day and tears. So many tears.


The latest "Bachelor Pad" picks up with the fallout from Ed's near-eviction. Sarah, the girl who thought she was pathetic for not hooking up, is now feeling so guilty about voting to evict her hook-up Ed. She's actually crying about it. And Ed is thinking about leaving because he can't handle the game. Things are harsh when you're sober, huh, Ed? But that lasts about five seconds, as Man-clyn convinces him to stay. So .... who cares?Competition They're taking the inmates on a road trip! The obstacle course they have to run is hot fudge sundae-themed (not the Saved by the Bell singing group, an actual sundae). The girls wade through ice cream, slide down hot fudge, crawl through whip cream, then dump nuts on themselves and hop to their partner in their "nut sacks" (yes, *snicker*), then the partners do it in reverse. It's called Hot Sludge Fun Day, which is also awesome. Bringing...



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