Bunheads 1.08 "Blank Up, It's Time" Review

Love hasn't exactly been a pressing issue for the ladies of the Paradise Dance Academy. Once Hubbell passed away, normalcy all but vanished from the sleepy little coastal town; nobody knew how to react to the loss of one of them, a loss that extended farther and hit harder than anybody could have anticipated. Even months later, Michelle and Fanny are both still haunted by the ghost of his kindness, of his impact that has made their lives swerve, twirl, and finally intersect at the place they are now. Bunheads has been an excellent series at exploring the different types of reactions to unexpected tragedy, but what happens when it takes a look at moving on? How soon is too soon to start anew?

"Blank Up, It's Time" explored the flowers after the storm, as matters of the heart (and various bodily regions) were explored in an episode that embraced how tragically beautiful the show can be. With Fanny back from her vacation, you'd think there'd be a trail of piss and vinegar following her wherever she went, but you know what? I really enjoyed her tonight; possibly for the first time in the entire series, Fanny let down her guard and allowed herself to be vulnerable, to be happy. Thanks to her longtime long distance "boyfriend" (friend with benefits?) Michael, piano player extraordinaire, coming to town, she took a breath for the first time since Hubbell passed. And it was a delight to watch, from the all-but begging of Michelle to sleep with the director of the play they went to to her apparent love of all things baseball (and TV dinners!), Fanny became a person tonight and moved past the anger that she had been holding since the pilot. Although I think her tough, brassy side is a valuable tool in the character's arsenal, it had become a little too one note and didn't have as much of an impact; with her soft side peeking out, even accepting advice from Michelle (!), it made the hard moments pop more and the character a little more rounded. Read More...



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