Bunheads Review: Welcome Back, Fanny!

Pay attention everyone, or "Blank Up, It's Time!" Who cares what the title of the crappy play meant? Fanny's back! What was the missing ingredient for the past two episodes? Fanny. Her return amped up my enjoyment of Bunheads tenfold. Michelle was brighter, the bunheads were brighter, the story was brighter. Without Fanny, darkness falls upon Paradise. Fanny returned and love was in the air. Let's break it down!

Fanny has a boyfriend! Who saw that coming? I sure didn't, but I love her taste in men. Michael is a musician with a fantastic sense of humor who seems to fit Fanny like a glove. When Michelle waltzed into the kitchen talking about kinky breakfasts, she could have easily sent a lesser man. Read More...



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