The Closer Review: It Hit The Fan

The last two years of watching The Closer have all come down to "Armed Response." Were you satisfied with the conclusion of one of the biggest story arcs ever to grace the major crimes department? While I didn't want it to be Ann because it seemed too easy for it all to fall onto an unknown after so many months of speculation, the way it went down felt pretty darn satisfying. 

Without a doubt we witnessed some of the best acting we've seen by both Kyra Sedgwick and Corey Reynolds. It was a fitting final exploration of the friendship they forged years ago when she first stepped into Los Angeles. At the beginning, Brenda counted on Gabriel for nearly everything, and as time went on he learned to lean on her, as well. When she made the decision to dismiss his thoughts about leaving Terrell Baylor at a place they both knew would end in certain doom, their relationship fractured. Read More...


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