Perception “Messenger” Review – Isn’t Science Just Another Kind of Faith?

An episode about a possible religious cult with a kid that can actually "hear" God talking to him… not to mention an appearance (or two) by Joan of Arc?? Okay, Perception, you’ve outdone yourself.

This week, Pierce and Moretti are struggling to find the killer of one Jared Baker, an ex druggie that has taken up residence with a religious group called "Haven House". The group is run by a very nice looking family who happen to have a son, Kyle, that can hear the voice of God. Anyone that joins said community is expected to sign away all of their money, which in Jared’s case, was an inheritance of $500,000. Did Haven House off Jared for his money?

Haven House uses the funds primarily to fund a school in Afghanistan, and barely clears anything for themselves. Moretti checks and double checks with the IRS to confirm that Haven House is actually on the up and up, and the IRS agent (guest star Roger Bart) confirms that everything checks out with the non-profit. Read More... 


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