Alphas “Alpha Dogs” Review

"Alpha Dogs" was set up to seem like the usual Alpha-of-the-week episode, but it quickly became clear that the mysterious Alphas fight club the team was investigating was only a backdrop for a set of much more relevant developments.

Rather than following the typical trope for fight club centered TV plot lines, "Alpha Dogs" really only used the fight club as means to introduce Bill to Kat, an adorable and quirky Alpha who described herself as a "quick study." Through Kat, Bill learned how to relax his way to his ability rather than trying to control it by force as he had been doing all his life. This release method allowed Bill to use his adrenaline surge without all those pesky side effects he had been medicating for.

We saw the changes in Bill’s ability and we relaxed along with him when he let his ability come to him naturally. The camera movements slowed and swayed with him rather than speeding up and jerking around the way we’re used to when Bill is using his ability. His rapidly contracting heart was not in the picture and this time his ability seemed graceful despite its incredible destructive results. Read More... 


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