Teen Wolf “Battlefield” Review

And the word of the night on this week’s episode of Teen Wolf is ominous. Like Stiles, I find myself in a state of hyper-vigilance as I watch the show. There is a dark cloud over Beacon Hills and it is clear that everyone is not going to make it out alive. In fact, if Gerard Argent survives this season I will be extremely disappointed.

This week’s episode opened with a wonderfully acted, somber monologue from Stiles. The tone of hismonologue was so eerie that I worried about his chance of surviving. Surely the good folks at Teen Wolfwould not be crazy enough to take our precious, precious Stiles from us. This ain’t Game of Thrones and I still really haven’t forgiven that show for killing Ned Stark. I’m still mad at Nucky for killing Jimmy on Boardwalk Empire. I digress. Back to the regularly scheduled program, Teen Wolf. Read More...



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