Naruto: Shippuden Episode #248 Anime Review

Ah, baby Naruto. There’s plenty to jokes to make as he’s born crying and screaming as most infants do, but the show has done a good job at this point to help out Minato and Kushina’s past that having this moment is a good thing considering the trouble and difficulty they went through to bring the birth to reality. While I admit that I’d like to get a bit more time with the pair of them when they were younger and in the academy, seeing them as new parents and in a good relationship is quite welcome since it paints the picture that even Naruto should be able to achieve this some day. Of course, the birth of Naruto was also a very troubled time as we see how just after the birth, a mystery man in a mask arrived and attempted to kill the Hokage’s new son. Read More... 


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