Naruto: Shippuden Episode #253 Anime Review

With some of the back story explored a little bit in the previous episode in regards to what happened between Pain and Naruto awhile back that Konan was involved with, the arrival of Madara to deal with her in the present and what she did after Pain’s death has them going at it pretty hard. While Konan has had interesting moments earlier in this series run, she has gotten quite a notch up in the visual realm this time around with her Sacred Paper jutsu as it’s very impressive in its design and expression here as the two go toe to toe with Madara even admitting that things were close to getting really nasty between them. But as intense as she is, she’s fighting with passion and is blinded to things, going more for belief in what happened than the truth with what happened in the fight. And that turns deadly for her. Read More... 


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