Naruto: Shippuden Episode #259 Anime Review

With it having been many, many years since I saw the original episodes of this series, and even then it was slapdash and I missed a large chunk of it because of my distaste for the early parts of the series, this segment of the newly animated recap of material is actually a little more interesting. Not that I expect it to make sense since it just kind of jumps into things, but to see some of the earlier key battles animated anew (a must as the original animation belongs to someone else) is a lot of fun since it’s very well done with a slick feel that the usual filler episodes don’t get, something that does help to separate this batch from what’s usually the norm for something like this. It feels like a little more effort has gone into it, even if the whole idea of recapping so much material in such short form ultimately doesn’t play well. Read More... 


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