Naruto: Shippuden Episode #272 Anime Review

After the awkwardly placed filler last week that gave us a simple story of Sakura with amnesia, Naruto: Shippuden attempts to get back on track here ahead of next weeks double feature. And it’s quite a task ahead of it to get things back on track as the whole opening stages of the war between the two sides going on here has been less than thrilling. While we’ve had some neat moments here and there, it’s largely given us supporting and long forgotten cast members getting involved in fights against either outright cannon fodder or villains that have ties from the past but have been so long gone that they’re hard to place without grabbing a cheat sheet. With Naruto having been kept out of events as well here, going through his training with Killer Bee, it’s been a whole lot of wheel spinning overall. Read More... 


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