Ruby Sparks - Review

MAKE-BELIEVE Paul Dano imagines his ideal girl Zoe Kazan, only to find that he's dreamed her to life in Ruby Sparks

Movie stars and pop stars tend to be spring chickens, but if you think back on every drama or comedy you've ever seen in which the main character is a novelist, the vast majority of those characters have a fair amount of mileage on their tires. They're almost always worldly middle-aged professor types, the more jaded and dissolute the better. So it's a slight shock, in Ruby Sparks, to realize that Paul Dano, the tall, thin, charismatically droopy 28-year-old actor fromLittle Miss Sunshine (he was the sulky teenager who'd decided to stop talking) and There Will Be Blood (the pastor who has Daniel Plainview's number), is playing not just a novelist but a novelist whose most revered work is 10 years behind him. Read More...,,20589531,00.html 


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