The Well-Digger'S Daughter - Review

THE WELL-DIGGER'S DAUGHTER Daniel Auteuil and cast

The Well-Digger's Daughter pushes a number of nostalgia buttons at once, most of them pleasing. The film, made in France, is set in rural Provence during World War I, and the landscape is gorgeous in such a sun-dappled, leafy green terroir-from-heaven way that it's as if you were reliving a sublime vacation by time machine. Since the movie is based on a Marcel Pagnol novel, it also taps memories of the popular full-bodied '80s art-house hit Jean de Florette (which costarred Daniel Auteuil, who's the costar and director here). Beyond that, the story is constructed with the kind of clean, square moral and dramatic lines that make it feel sweetly, comfortably old-fashioned in its very quaintness. Read More...,,20612865,00.html 


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