The Queen of Versailles - Review

THE ONE PERCENT The Queen of Versailles uses the lives of one family as a case study to scrutinize Americans' obsession with consumerism and ''more-ness''

Are you wondering how the 1 percent can wield such an oversize influence on American life? A major reason may simply be that we spend so much more than 1 percent of our time watchingthem. (And also loving, hating, and jealously idolizing them.) We watch them on tele-vision, in glitzy voyeuristic wealth-porn psychodramas like Bravo's irresistible Real Housewives shows; in ads, where the lifestyles of the affluent float by as a shiny consumerist mirage; and in the movies, where one out of every five characters seems to be some sort of natty-suited hedge-fund magnate. This summer, those looking for the next big documentary–as–cultural touchstone will surely want to see Lauren Greenfield's The Queen of Versailles, a succulently entertaining movie that invites you to splash around in the dreams and follies of folks so rich they're the 1 percent of the 1 percent. It's like a champagne bath laced with arsenic. Read More...,,20589476,00.html 


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