'The L.A. Complex' star Cassie Steele on Abby's post-breakup life


It might be the end of Abby (Cassie Steele) and Nick (Joe DiNicol) on "The L.A. Complex," but there are more romantic encounters in store for The CW's aspiring actress. Steele promises Zap2it that Abby will seek comfort elsewhere now that she's losing both her BFF and her boyfriend."She's going to try and fill that void some way," the actress says. "It's really hard, her going through a breakup, because Nick was really her only friend when she was there. [Her other BFF] Tariq [is gone], so I think it's natural for her to dive into something new to get her mind off it."PHOTOS: "The L.A. Complex" Season 2And who will she turn to? "Your costars are obviously the most accessible, they're the people you're around the most, so it's just natural for them to get mixed up with each other," she says.But don't think Nick will be pining. Although he wanted the relationship to...



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