The L.A. Complex Review: Three's a Crowd

So this is what Cassie Steele (Abby) was talking about when she said there would be plenty of sex coming in The L.A. Complex!  In "Be a Man," Abby landed herself right in the middle of some trouble as she inserted herself in the relationship between Brandon and Laura, the two leads of "Saying Grace".  And yes, I do read your comments, readers!  Keep them coming!

Let's start backwards with this threesome that Abby landed herself in.  While I'm not a big fan of the decisions Abby makes, I can completely respect how she is written.  Abby is a person who doesn't take the time to think about the consequences of her actions, but she's written in a completely consistent way throughout the series which I can appreciate.  As usual, her boundary pushing will get her into plenty of trouble and probably off the series, but anyone could see that one coming a mile away.  I'll be much happier if the series goes in a different direction with it. Read More...


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