House M.D 6 x 15 Black Hole- Review

House MD was one of television shows that gave me reason to love medicine. The cases were so puzzling that as an audience we were compelled to follow step by step. To figure out the disease, we focused on the symptoms. "Everybody lies, but symptoms never lie." That took me to the edge of my seat.

Glad to see that after a long hiatus from watching the show, the feel of House is still there. The beginning had a familiar sense of tying up the title to the show. It was catchy and familiar.

However, it wasn't a superb episode. There definitely was something missing.

This week's puzzle involved a high school student named Abby, who, after bleeding to her mouth during a trip to the planetarium, landed at Princeton-Plaisboro Hospital. After several attempts of diagnosing, and causing her even more symptoms such as valvular dissection during a transesophageal echocardiogram, and not to mention her continuous hallucinations, House and his team were left with the last resort-Cognitive Pattern Recognition Program. Wait, House forced that. The resident Neurologist fought him all the way citing they're doctors, not mind readers. To be honest, the medical jargon was a bit too fast and the storyline was kind of messily played out. The discussion of the symptoms weren't easy to follow especially for those not in the medical field. Now back to the CPRP, does that really work? It is amazing and all that but I thought it was more fictional than medical. Is America really that advanced to be able to capture in video what a person is thinking of? The diagnostic tool this week is a clear attempt to push the boundaries of what we hold Diagnostic medicine to be. I thought it was really interesting from the previews and all but it was a blow that the case was another "don't have sex it will give you autoimmune disorder." It just felt like a rerun of an episode from season 3 back when fathers have sex with their children. Only this time, it was her boyfriend's father. Oh wait its just the same thing. Tsk tsk.

Not to mention, House seems to be off. Hugh Laurie is an extremely talented actor however as one author puts it, he has managed to deteriorate from"a superb but ill tempered Doctor into how mean can we make this man without losing viewers"! Don't get me wrong, it still has the old feel of House trying to be manipulative and a brown noser just like how he was with Taub and Wilson. But he seemed to have mellowed down, which makes the character, less of what we loved about him.

Sadly I didn't find enough comedic touch this week to amuse me as I'm sure Wilson and Taub's storyline with House was meant to do. I loved Wilson's relationship with House but the chemistry is just becoming a bit boring. I'm glad he gets more screen time but I'm searching for the element that made me laugh out loud seasons back. The text exchange between Taub's wife and Taub/House however, almost did bring a smirk to my face.


"She was screaming she was being sucked into a blackhole so we should look for a tumor in her anus."

Bring back facetious sarcasm! Bring back compelling storylines! Bring back the House that made me want to become a physician!

Give me a reason to be sucked back in.


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