Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Episode #02 Anime Review

I swear that half of my fun with this show is coming from two different fronts. One of them is watching fans of Naruto: Shippuden freak out over how this is perverting everything that that series all about with its cast and storylines. The other is from the angry Bleach fans that are upset that this kind of show took over (and is likely to have better ratings) than their favorite work. I can completely and totally understand both sides. In fact, similar things used to happen to me back in the day when it came to comic book series and TV shows I used to like. Thankfully, the other half of the fun that I have with this show is the show itself because it does what it sets out to do by having fun and being silly. The main series doesn’t really lend itself well to that and the filler episodes when they do it can be painful, yet here it’s so intentional and fun to watch that I just grin through it and enjoy it. Read More... 


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