Young Justice – Coldhearted Review

When you’re sixteen, or just turned sixteen, things can definitely go in ways you don’t expect. Case in point is young Wally West, aka Kid Flash, as he celebrates his sixteenth birthday and everything seems to start off right. With a snow day in the area, all the food he loves, the team promising a birthday party surprise and the hopes of a kiss from Miss Martian has him walking on air. He’s gotten a good group of friends since being a part of the group but he’s still always looking for more things. It’s cute how much of a simple horn dog he is when it comes to the way he wants a kiss for the Miss, but it’s juts as much fun to see his reaction when Artemis tells him that Miss Martian and Superboy are an item. He’s just so oblivious that some things can get past the fastest kid alive. Read More... 


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