'Big Brother 14': Janelle might be on her way out the door


Danielle has nominated Wil and Frank for eviction in the "Big Brother 14" house, as the coaches have entered the game. And that's where we are. Post NominationsWil is mad about being nominated, since Danielle did say right to his face that he would be safe. But the anger dissipates as Danielle collapses into tears. Oh, don't be sucked in by her big cow eyes, Wil. But instead they just have a big ol' come-to-Jesus moment as the plinky-plunky strains of Stockholm Syndrome play.Meanwhile, the Boogie/Frank bromance continues, as Boogie is convinced he's being backdoored and they bond over how awesome they are and how much they hate everybody else. Boogie goes to Dan, still mad about the plan that never happened to get Frank out. Boogie ironically says he would've ended up looking like a "big f***ing idiot" if that happens, while standing there in a neon shirt and a trucker hat. And Ian...



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