Big Brother 14 Reset Week 1 POV Competition/Ceremony - It's A Wonderful Life (For Mike Boogie That Is...)!

The crap hit the fan hard on tonight's Big Brother as Danielle uprooted the target she set this past Sunday to appease Mike Boogie's plan of vengeance against his nemesis Janelle, which single-handedly gave him the keys to the game. Am I the only person scratching my head to how this even came about? Not that Mike wanted Janelle out, but the fact that Danielle even let that occur?

Usually, I would discuss what happened on the episode, but tonight I'm deviating from the usual format to discuss how the game is still, and will remain, the Coaches game (or rather Mike Boogie's game). Seriously, Danielle just threw her HOH away for no reason whatsoever. Her goal was to get Frank out of the house and she had that plan locked into place, but then Mike Boogie comes up with this 'oh-so-perfect' scheme to bounce Janelle out the house, because she's "dangerous." Hello, Big Brother players?!? Janelle has never won Big Brother. Mike Boogie and Dan have. When you hold all three of those up together, tell me who the hell do you think is the bigger threat to your game? Read More...


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