Dallas “Revelations” Review

It’s hard to believe that "Revelations" was the final episode of the first season of Dallas. Doesn’t it seem like summer just started? True to the title, quite a few really big things were revealed, but the fallout from some of them will have to wait until January.

Thanks to emergency surgery, Bobby lived to fight another battle with JR. Despite his brother’s hospitalconfession that he does indeed love his little brother, Bobby emerged from his medical crisis with a renewed determation to take JR down, once and for all. Of course, we all know (or just hope) that he will never really be successful. The world would be much less fun with JR Ewing, so it’s a good thing he got immunity in order for his statement against the Venezuleans. In the end, it turned out to be John Ross who paid the toll for the attempt to take back Southfork. Read More...



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