2 Days In New York - Review

2 DAYS IN NEW YORK Chris Rock and Julie Delpy

It's a pleasure to meet up again with Marion, the distractible, acerbic, New York-based French photographer played once more by Julie Delpy in 2 Days in New York. This bouncy hand-knitted comedy of cross-cultural relationships, also directed and co-written by Delpy, makes a jaunty sequel to 2 Days in Paris, the star's lovely 2007 feature-filmmaking debut. At least the quality of Marion's boyfriends has improved. In the first movie, her beau was Jack, a Woody Allen-ishly peeved type played by Adam Goldberg. Now she lives in relative contentment in Manhattan with the infinitely cooler Mingus, played by Chris Rock with unexpected understatement as a guy who's just as surprised as we are at this unlikely, intriguing coupling. Read More...



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