Futurama: "Fun on a Bun" Review

Premiering the episode that previewed at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, Futurama's "Fun on a Bun" showed us just how much Oktoberfest had evolved over the last thousand years -- and, alas, its aristocratic fate wasn't pretty. Now, the once sacred event of drunken debauchery and hazy memories, had been reduced to nothing more than a glorified wine tasting event. That is until Fry stepped in to show them what Oktoberfest was really all about.

This was an interesting episode for Fry and Leela, who both experienced their own iterations of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Their story here was actually pretty strong, setting aside the fact that their relationship remains as ambiguous as ever. At least in this episode they acknowledged that their romance has still yet to be clearly defined. ("We were going out? Whoooo! I mean, Nooooo!") Read More...



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