Warehouse 13: "Personal Effects" Review

Pete and Myka doing the detective thing

I'll say one thing about this new season so far: it certainly hasn't been boring. Warehouse 13 has found a formula for keeping the viewer's interest piqued throughout a whole hour of television and dropping big hints about the future storyline.

Right from the start, this episode had lots of callbacks to old elements of the series. There was a picture of the Civil War re-enactment Jinks and Claudia went to, and we had the return of the "dead agent" vault. I really like it when this series is self-referential because the writers have come up with an impressive amount of clever ideas over the years and many of them could deserve a little extra screen time. The premise of this story refers back to the huge cache of artifacts that Sykes had and what happened to it, which was one loose end from last season that is neatly tied up here. Read More...



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