Alphas: "Alpha Dogs" Review

"Alpha Dogs" was a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, we got to see Bill team up with new (and wee) series regular Kat (Erin Way) and learn how to ramp up his ability while keeping his heart calm. But on the other hand we were given a shaky mission with little-to-no resolution or payoff. Underground Super Fights have become a bit of a TV staple over the past few years. Hell, I just watched a Grimm episode featuring illegal monster brawls last week. But in "Alpha Dogs," the team (which doesn't even include Nina now) was after one specific venom spitting guy who killed another Alpha. So their goal was never even to stop the fighting ring but to just use the situation to find a fighter - who turned up dead in the end anyway!

And who was behind the lab running the random Alpha experiments? And how did it tie in with the fighting ring? Dr. Rosen and the gang didn't double back and arrest the people who ran the fights. The whole thing just seemed to get shrugged off and we never really even found out the direct circumstances behind the venom dude killing the electro dude. So, once again, we got a mission that felt slighter than the actual overall character development. Which is good thing if you're looking for a show with great scenes that help give its players extra depth and dimension. But a bad thing if you're looking for a show that gives you both that and solid intrigue. Read More... 


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Apr 25, 2016 1:52PM EDT

OK Rosen is not an alpha so the comparison to hero's is not valid even if the glasses man was the one human in the group. so is doctor Rosen season 1 of hero's was great and it got weird in season 2 because of network interference and eventually the show was cut short by being cancelled hence the crap ending. since Alpha's is on cable network lets hope their is more freedom here. There is no guarantee though remember Carnivale that too was cut to short just when the ark was being fleshed out.

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