True Blood: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" Review

Okay, so "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," despite the awful cover of the Tears for Fears song at the end, was a big step in the right direction for this season. Sure, it took nine episodes to get here, but I'll still take it. This episode wrapped up the shifter shootings and Terry's Ifrit story while also managing to introduce a few new twists (New Sheriff of Area 5! Russell returning to his wolves and taking Emma!) into the mix to take us into the final three episodes of the summer.

I really liked how they managed to turn Sheriff Bud's comedic cameo from a few episodes back into something more than just a one-off. I mean, I was totally willing to just accept Bud's scene from "In the Beginning" as fun, goofy filler featuring an old familiar face, but they were able to make it retroactively important; including the fact that Bud had a mistress. It was also pretty cool to have Sookie get wrapped up in the whole deal, even though I usually complain about people randomly invading other story threads. The difference here is that Sookie's story naturally led her to Bud before we even knew that Bud was behind the "Obamas." Like how Russell is now merging with both Sam (due to Emma) and Alcide's story. Read More... 


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