Big Brother Feeds Reveal Frank's Weakness - 8/9/2012

Tonight is a live Big Brother so there will be a new HOH competition kicking off, and of course an eviction,but unfortunately no juice spoilers from the feeds.  However,  Frank, the man who has been on the block for most of his time in the house, has been doing a lot of talking to the camera today, and in doing so has revealed his biggest weakness:  Mike Boogie.

The reason Boogie is Frank's weakness is the simple fact that he views Boogie as his biggest strength, and he's not wrong.  Frank believes he will survive this week, and he owes much of that to Boogie working the game on his behalf.  Maybe that's being too generous, he really owes all of it to Boogie. Boogie and Frank are like conjoined twins connected by one artery, with Boogie possessing the only heart between them.  Frank has really done nothing to become a power player in the Big Brother house other than fallen under Boogie's good favor. Read More...


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