'Big Brother 14': Frank goes from the block to the top; Janelle gives a parting shot to Boogie


Do you think the "Big Brother" Powers That Be will find a way to save Janelle from eviction? A coup d'etat? A Pandora's Box? There are some conspiracy theories that the PTB tried to mix things up in the house Thursday morning (Aug. 9) by "accidentally" broadcasting a Diary Room session of Dan's to the house for just a few short minutes, but we aren't sure we're quite on board with that. If the producers were going to try to keep Janelle around, they would have used one of their ridiculous "powers," like when Jeff got the coup d'etat. And there's precedence for mistakes happening in the sound booth for letting DR sessions slip out. Also, it has really seemed this week as if Janelle's heart just isn't in it. She's ready to go home. So we're just saying -- if CBS wanted to influence the game, they wouldn't have been that sneaky about it....



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