Big Brother 14 Week 1 Reset Eviction/HOH Comp. - Keeping It Classy

While tonight's Big Brother eviction wasn't too much of a surprise, the HOH competition sure as hell had my mouth (and my sanity) on the floor. But only because it was a little too damn simple for Frank and Boogie. Too damn simple.

Janelle might be a three-time loser in the Big Brother game, but she's right about one thing: Boogie might have won this battle, but he will sure as hell not win the war this time around. Remember what Dr. Will (aka Mike's Chilltown partner/God) said about his pupil earlier in the season about Mike being too cocky? Well, not only did Dr. Will hit the nail on the proverbial head, but he also could have predicted Mike Boogie's downfall, because the man doesn't know when to stop gloating and that will come back and bite him heavily in the ass. But the feast won't stop there. It will continue over to Frank's carrot top of a head and they both will be licking their wounds in sequester until they get another chance to shine in picking the winner of Big Brother 14. Now don't take my sentiments as mere 'fact,' but more of a 'cautionary prediction' if you will. Read More...


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