How I Met Your Mother 5x20 "Home Wrecker" Review

People make stupid decisions all the time.

Ted Mosby's journey to finding the ONE or the MOTHER has always managed to mix the elements of laughter and life lessons together. This week's episode focused more on the latter.

How I Met Your Mother ALWAYS made me laugh out loud. However, the attempts for comedy in this episode have been mediocre. A lot of scenes were supposed to elicit laughter but it just made me raise an eyebrow instead. For instance, when Ted's mom said she couldn't believe she was with Clint (her fiance), Ted immediately quips, in automatic fashion, that she doesn't have to be with him. His mom cuts him off before he can finish ecstatically,"He's soooo cool!" Ted was revolted. I was too.

At the wedding, his stepdad gives him a painting to remind him that he and Ted's mother will always be there for him. What was painted? A nude Victoria and Clint (yes with his sex organ dangling!) Worse, he sings a sexy song that we don't get much of except for a few CLEARLY uncomfortable lyrics. The inappropriate behavior and the fact that his mom is on her second marriage before he's on his first caused ted to rush out and impulsively buy a house.

Did I mention he didn't have it appraised before buying it? Ugh , stupid stupid. Real stupid. While checking out the house, Marshall attempts to stifle their negative reactions to him impulsiveness. How? By a game called drunk or kid which I don't think is funny at all.

Nonetheless, I loved the episode because of Ted's life lessons. When he bought the real estate, it mirrored his life. It was a messed up house and he was messed up thinking meeting the right person was a race. But like how Marshall stuck out for him, he stuck out for the house like how he patiently waited for the one.

Now, even though we've been through 5 seasons and still we haven't met the mother, the gang and their stories make the wait worthwhile. So to the drunken and impulsive quintet, here's a 3 star!


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