Bourne Legacy WTF? [Movie Review]

I guess it's lucky that I had just watched Bourne Ultimatum the night before I watched Bourne Legacy because if I hadn't, the first half of this spinoff flick would have made almost no sense. Tony Gilroy, who wrote the first three films, took over as director on Legacy — and it shows. The film is slavishly bound to even the most minor plot points of Ultimatum, and in fact takes place largely at the same time. What that means, unfortunately, is that Gilroy spends so much time trying to shoehorn brand-new character Aaron (Jeremy Renner) into the Bourne universe that the movie teeters on the brink of incoherence. Though there are some cool new elements in this story, like genetically-altered superagents, the exciting fight scenes are weighed down by all the Bourne plot baggage this movie is carrying around.


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