Seitz on NBC’s Animal Practice: More Monkey, Please

NBC's new veterinary comedy Animal Practice is brain candy, and generic candy at that, but what you've heard is true: the monkey kills.

I don't mean literally, though if that were the case, wouldn't it be awesome? I mean comedically. Named Dr. Rizzo and played by Crystal, the scene-stealer from The Hangover Part II (as well the simian who plays Annie’s Boobs on Community), the monkey is the sidekick to the show's hero, George Coleman (Justin Kirk). Their relationship makes Coleman a lot more bearable than he might be otherwise. The good doctor is the umpteenth variation on Hugh Laurie's House and other sarcastic grouch heroes: an autocrat, womanizer, and pontificator who secretly Cares Very Deeply and is so good at his job that his co-workers don't seem to mind being constantly insulted by him. Read More...


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