Anger Management “Charlie Outs a Patient” Review

All season, I’ve been griping about the therapy group from Charlie’s home. While this episode didn’t exactly make me do a 180, I will admit to enjoying Nolan’s storyline a bit. His dopeyness within the group is the subject of mockery from the group and disdain from me, but applied to the outside world, he comes off as considerably more endearing. I didn’t think Alexandra Ella did a good job of conveying how crazy Athena was supposed to be, so it was a good thing that they kept her off camera for most of the episode. Allowing Nolan to recount the story for us later kept the focus on him. For once, it was a good thing.

I liked the premise of the episode if only because it’s something I have wondered about all season: How can a therapist have this level of personal intimacy with his patients without any modicum of privacy for the group as a whole? At least they dealt with the personal intimacy issue this week. I was glad to find out that another therapist found Charlie’s behaviors to be impractical for a therapist. I understand that I need to suspend my disbelief for television shows, but I would like for shows to retain some amount of realism to them. Read More... 


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