Burn Notice “Unchained” Review – Some Things Never Change

In this episode of Burn Notice, called "Unchained," we find out how some things have changed since Nate’s death and how some things have remained exactly the same.

As the episode starts out, we learn that it’s now been a month since Nate’s death and Michael is not happy with how little information he’s getting out of the Feds. Fi suggests that he take matters into his own hands and even offers to help, but he is understandably gun shy about letting her. After all these years and all these wacky cases they’ve been on together, now he suddenly wants her to stay behind. It’s then we realize just how much Nate’s death has affected him. Whereas once he didn’t blink an eye atletting Fi come along on his jobs, now he’s trying to hold her back and protect her. I think that maybe he thought that as long as he was around, he could protect all the people that he loves but watching Nate get gunned down right before his eyes has changed that. I was happy though that Fi was able to talk him into letting her in on the job (after all, it’s just not the same without her), but I’m sure this nagging worry he has now will come up again. Read More...



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