Common Law “Gun!” Season Finale Advance Review – Begin at the Beginning

In the first season finale of Common Law, called appropriately enough "Gun!", we finally found out what it was that caused Wes to pull his gun on Travis.

Advance reviews are always a challenge for me. I’m dying right now to talk about everything thathappens in this episode scene by scene, but as that would of course spoil everything, I’m going to break this down into three "acts."

Act One begins in a place you’d expect after the end of last week’s episode. The boys are working with their new therapist and I’m sure you can imagine how well that goes. I’m trying to beat back the spoilers with a stick here, but I am going to mention what was shown in the previews for this episode. And that is the fact that Wes and Travis are so desperate to get back to Dr. Ryan that they offer her quite the deal: if she takes them back, they’ll tell her about the incident that brought them to her in the first place. Read More... 


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