Alphas: Why I’m Excited About the Newest Female Alpha, Kat

Whenever I jump into a new television series, I have a habit of paying special attention to the roles that female characters are assigned to play. As long as I’m being told an interesting story, I’m not particularly bothered when a female character fills a stereotypical caregiver or support role. However, when I come across a TV series that develops its male and female characters in ways that blur the lines of traditionalgender roles, I’m instantly hooked.

I became an Alphas fan immediately after watching the pilot episode and I quickly became wrapped up in the mythology and the characters that the show was developing. When my habit creeped up on me, I took a serious look at the roles that Nina and Rachel were playing on the Alphas team and was a little disappointed to admit that these smart, beautiful women were the ones tasked with the support roles on the team. Read More.. 


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