Louie: "Ikea/Piano Lesson" Review

I was ready to point out that this was yet another episode with no Louie standup – but then realized, hmm, we did get some vintage Louis C.K. footage at one point, so that kind of counts, right?

Louie has always been a show without a set formula, but this season has begun to subvert even our expectations of the non-formula. For instance, I was really surprised to have such a direct "sequel" story with Delores (Maria Dizzia, in a full guest appearance, after her amusing little cameo recently), complete with a couple of flashbacks to Louie’s night with her last year. This hadn’t seemed like a show where we’d get such a genuine follow-up, but I think Louis C.K. is proving again that this show is whatever he wants it to be week to week. Most of the time, these stories are self-contained. But if he wants to continue a storyline from a previous episode…. Well, then he will. Read more...



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Aug 15, 2012 12:25AM EDT

One of my coworkers at Dish said that Louie might have just been recycling old material but I honestly think that he was just tying up some loose ends that he left. He does seem to leave a lot. You are right about one thing though, Louie definitely does not seem to follow any set patter what so ever. Every week when I sit down at Starbucks to watch Louie with my Dish Remote Access app I have no idea what he is going to throw at us. That part of the reason I love the show so much.

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