Hotel Hell Preview Clip - Gordon Ramsey Takes on Arrogant Hotel Owner

... and leaves him in tears!  That said, from what this clip reveals, he totally deserved it!  Hotel Hell premieres Monday night on FOX and fans of the caustic Chef's legendary tough love will not be disappointed, at all.  So far the series seems like a natural extension of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsey's understanding of atmosphere and presentation extends naturally from the Restaurant realm into that of the Bed and Breakfast, and he is certainly not pulling any punches.

The following clip from Hotel Hell focuses on the Juniper, a hotel losing $200k a year.  The food is terrible, the employees aren't being paid, and apparently there is some theft of tips going on by the owner.  In the clip you get the definite sense that nobody really likes working there, or even likes the owner for that matter.  The confrontation between Gordon and the Juniper's owner is CLASSIC Ramsey. Read More...


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