Teen Wolf 2.12 Preview: It's All Lead Up To This

Wow, has it really been eleven weeks of Teen Wolf? Time most definitely flies when you're running from werewolves, kanimas, murderous teens and psychotic geriatrics. However, all that is about to come to an end for one unfortunate Beacon Hills resident as someone is about to bite the long-rumored bullet (or axe, sword, knife, whatever) in Monday's second season finale of Teen Wolf where everyone's life is at stake. At least those that matter.

Last week, we left off with Stiles being kidnapped, Allison turning into a female, mini-version of Gerard, and Jackson injuring himself under Gerard's command. The latter proved to Scott that Gerard just simply doesn't give a damn about anyone's lives when it comes to his goal of avenging the death of his daughter. Although, Scott might have gotten that memo when Gerard took his mother hostage with the Kanima in their very own house. Also, Peter "Original Big Bad" Hale surprisingly gave advice to his nephew turned nemesis Derek about how to be a better Alpha to defeat the increasingly powerful Gerard. The stage has been set for an epic battle that will have friends fighting foes and Scott's "pack" possibly reuniting to save each other from Gerard's vengeful insanity. Read More...



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