Big Brother 14 Week 2 Reset Nominations Ceremony Review: "Did We Do The Right Thing?"

Well, well, well... Those nominations were as lackluster as Big Brother slop and just as predictable as the Coaches joining the game "twist."

Tonight's nomination episode of Big Brother dealt mostly with Frank and Boogie continuing their dominance of the household, planning not only who they will get out the house this week but the following weeks as well. Meanwhile, Britney and a few others walked around the house second guessing their decision to send Janelle home just mere minutes after the woman's eviction. Don't have a conscious now, folks. You had the chance to get Frank out the house this week in a surefire locked nomination. You let him go, you blew it, and now he and Boogie are about to take each of you down as if you were a gang of henchmen in a bad Steven Segal flick. Moving on. Read More...


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