'Breaking Bad' episode 505 - 'Dead Freight': Stop that train

Up until about 30 seconds before the closing credits rolled on Sunday's (Aug. 12) "Breaking Bad," it looked as if Walt and Jesse had pulled off one of the most ambitious capes they've ever attempted without a hitch.Then came one giant hitch, and in an instant it feels like the trajectory of the season has changed. All because Landry Clarke Todd is very, very diligent about following instructions."Dead Freight" seemed to clear a path for Walt to keep things rolling as he builds his little empire. Skyler, while still very displeased with her situation, seems at least resigned to being "whatever kind of partner you want" for Walt as long as their kids are kept out of harm's way. Lydia, while still very much a potential loose cannon, takes an active part in the methylamine heist, and the fact that she gave the guys good information will probably keep Mike's murderous anger toward her in...



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