Leverage Review: A Fist Full of Truffles

Apparently I should have saved the "savory" metaphor I used last week, as it would have fit well with the truffle shuffle con job Nate and the team pulled in "The French Connection Job" this week.

It’s safe to say that Eliot Spencer is the one member of the Leverage team we know the least about. In fact, the last Eliot centered job I can remember was "The Studio Job" back in season 3 when he posed as an up and coming country music star. 

I’m thrilled that we got to learn where Eliot found his love of food and we got meet Toby, his cooking mentor. Eliot’s comment about Toby one of the men who helped him realize that he had more to offer than his fighting skills and that Nate was the other was subtle yet powerful. Read More...



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